Air Reel

Aerial Cinema, Video and Photography


A hub of creativity and dedication


Air Reel Productions ( is an Orange County, California based Aerial Cinematography and Videography Company.  We utilize cutting-edge aerial platforms, with professional grade cameras, ultra-stable gimbals and precision piloting to capture stunning 360 degree photography, video, film and art, in ways long believed to be impractical, if not impossible. Our live ground based monitoring allows directors, clients and staff the opportunity to call shots in real time, every time. We work across a number of different verticals from residential and commercial real estate, action sports, event marketing, landscapes, nature, entertainment, film and many more.  Each project is a journey for us and one that we commit to deliver with professionalism, excellence and absolute dedication.

Whether you’re a returning client who’s worked with us before, taking your first steps into the world of aerial based possibilities, or looking for a vendor that’s a cut above the rest, contact us here and give us a chance to exceed all your expectations.

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